DX tourney any good?

Have a chance to get some macgregor DX tourney clubs cheap.

i believe these are around 1970, trying to do some research are these clubs decent? heavy enough?

this site might help ?

ironfinder.com/Individual-Ir … xr1-68.htm

The MacGregor DX series are one of my favorites. Great blades and love the Keyhole persimmons.

Thanks for the reply guys,

Just got the DX’s in the mail today, Had a crack at the range with them this afternoon. Its the first time I’ve ever swung a wooden driver! (dont laugh…lol)

Gee what a difference, The extra weight was fantastic, its probably more than twice as heavy as my titleist 907 and a third of the size.

My ball flight was alot lower and boring with the wood. I could really feel the centrifugal force ofthe wood and I had alot more control throughout the swing. Distance was only significantly shorter on mishits, but would have been playable.

Im fairly sure its not a persimmon as it didnt have that “thwack!” sound. was a very dull noise.

Im very disappointed in the irons, I think they have been cut down?, as they are extremely short. probably 3-4 inches than my current clubs(wilson DI9) and didnt feal much heavier. Also their lie angles were steeper than my current ones

Does anyone in Aus have a nice and heavy set of irons they’d like to get rid of? Spent weeks trolling Aus ebay for these and they turned out not so good. US ebay has heaps but very few post at reasonable rates…

i wonder can anyone put a model, rough year & any comment on these macgregor’s ? That writing on the toe of the 2i probably gives the model but i can’t blow it up enough & still read it. Thought someone might recognise it ? TIA

mac forged.jpg

Those look like the m85 colokroms I have.
Here are some pics so you can have a look yourself:
advancedballstriking.com/for … =97&t=1843

Great set of irons from the 50’s, but very hard to find in good condition. Might be good to try and find out if these are indeed the m85’s and not M65 or M75 since those have less stiff shafts.

Hi Tim,

Yes these are the 80’s remake version of the Mac M85 irons that IOZ mentioned. I have had a set of these see (see pics) and I think NRG has them now:


There is also an 80’s Colokrom version that I still have http://www.flickr.com/photos/39905124@N08/sets/72157622631373282/

They play perfectly fine but I do not think they are as good as the 50’s original, certainly in ABS terms. I think I recognise the seller from ebay whose prices are always way over inflated. I reckon you can do better.

Cheers, Arnie

thanks IOZ - the adv does say stiff shafts but unfortunately the guy selling them appears to be a bit of an arse, so i don’t think i can get any more info out of him… check out this reply to my Q for any more details & the identifcation of the writing on the 2i :slight_smile: (these clubs are at one of my other shops where they are also on sale and i wont be there again until friday as i own and help run the other shops that i also own and i am far too busy to worry about selling this set of irons that are clearly pictured and described in detail and we cannot understand why you are asking so many questions about a £99 set of irons - the listing tells you and shows you everything you need to know regarding the purchase of this £99 set of macgregor tour forged irons 2 to 9 iron)

i was thinking to offer him 60 quid but without the pw & not being able to be sure if they are m85 perhaps i’ll move on - unless perhaps you think they would be a real bargain at that price ? They look to be in good nick anyway.

maybe i could phone his other shop - he owns several don’t you know :slight_smile: - perhaps his mate there will be more disposed towards offering something approaching customer service

would the m85 identification be stamped on the head ? cheers Tim

Thanks Arnie, appreciate it,

are you still inclined towards the possibility of moving some of your gear on ? perhaps you have a suitable set that might suit & could use a new home ?


Hi Tim,

Yes I was going to sell off a lot of stuff around the Masters when the season gets going but very happy to talk you through what I have if you want to have a look. Really depends exactly what it is you are looking for. Just drop me a pm with your email address and I’ll send your over a list of sets with links to pics.



Wow. I thought I had dealt with some arrogant frogs on fleabay but this guy is something special :laughing:
I wouldn’t want to give that guy any money :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, here is a pic that shows the location of the M85 stamping.

thanks IoZ - yes he’s choice isn’t he - sorry could have spotted the m85 if i’d been awake - thanks for your help Tim

been looking at the below 2 sets of irons for a while now, Was leaning towards the WS, but the Cotton irons look great. Hard to find details on them

golf-list.com.au/Classic-set-of- … 25076.aspx

golf-list.com.au/Classic-Wilson- … 15049.aspx