Doug Sanders Interview exclusive for ABS

Today I had the good fortune of interviewing ‘The Peacock of The Fairways’…Doug Sanders.
Doug Sanders won 20 events on the PGA Tour and was a runner-up on 4 different occasions in Major Championships.

Below is part 1 of the interview. Doug gives some tremendous insight in this interview into a variety of subjects about equipment, players, the swing.
I trust you will enjoy it and look forward to part 2 hopefully in a few days time.

[size=150]PART 1[/size] [size=150]DOUG SANDERS ABS INTERVIEW[/size]

[size=150]PART 2[/size][size=150] DOUG SANDERS ABS INTERVIEW[/size]

For more information on Doug Sanders follow the link to his website

Thank You Doug for talking with me and giving us all some wonderful thoughts and memories from the wonderful life you have lead…

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Excellent interview with a real golf legend. A lot of things to ponder there. Doug loved the flat compact swing to hit the ball straight. Hated the toe being up in the air, so he kept his gear flat. Strong forearms sounds all too familiar. Wide stance like Moe’s Pyramids of Egypt idea. Some days you have the feeling and some days you don’t.

Practice hard and a burning desire to win.

You can only take what you give.

Looking forward to part two and opening up some interesting discussions here about Doug’s insights.

Thanks for the interview Twomasters!

Brad thankyou so much for this. Such a treasure to hear a great player talking about what we all love. So much to learn :slight_smile:

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yes - how good was that !! :slight_smile:

excellent TM - thanks

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What a way to start a morning. Coffee…peanut butter toast…and one great interview! :sunglasses:

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great stuff!! I want more NOW!!


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Doug was a real good sport. His memories and thoughts are incredible and very consistent with what we talk about here at ABS. And it’s great to hear it come directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’ so to speak.
He was out hitting balls and the wind was getting up so we cut the interview there. he told me to call up again today and finish it up…

I really enjoyed hearing about how he thought Hogan kept the club pointing down the ‘alley’ for a long time, giving him very little room for error…which is very much in tune with Lag’s idea of keeping the shaft on plane through the hitting arena.
And really enjoyed hearing about how they used to have to shape shots around bunkers to get them on the green and near the flags with their approach shots to the green.
It was no surprise that he hated having the heel strike the ground, so that proves flat lie angles are the way to go and how he was all about distance control.
Can you imagine how many tee shots he has hit in his life and he thinks he may have only hit 15-20 balls out of bounds in his entire life- and he even said he was unlucky with some of those with a bad bounce here or there.
Gives great words of advice about swing control and understanding your swing.
I had a lot of questions to ask him but he actually answered many on his own accord.
Really top notch thoughts from a player who didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk.

Part 2 of Doug Sanders interview which I finished up this evening is now posted up above in the first post of this thread under the Part 1 video

It’s a great pleasure to get to hear the insights of Doug Sanders on the game. You can tell how much he loves golf and still feels a great connection and passion for the game.

A real treat for all of us.

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Thanks 2 for putting that together…I really enjoyed the accompanying pictures and videos as well as the conversation…I appreciate your input on this site


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Thnks for the interview Twomasters. Is it true he was one of the greatest side action players when it came to gambling at golf? I read there was alot more money to be made on the side than you could win in a tournaments before the purses got larger.

Apparently so Browe…especially when you write a book that is titled…“Action On The First Tee”-How to cash in on your favorite sport…author Doug Sanders

On the back cover there are quotes:

“There will never be a golf gamblers hall of fame, but if there were, Doug Sanders would be the first man inducted” — Sam Snead

“No player in the history of the game has been more successful playing with his own money. Doug has never backed down from a Nassau no matter what the amount to be wagered”— Chi Chi Rodgriguez

Thanx Twomasters, I’m gonna try to find that book and check it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

@lagpressure, @hanisch

Are the interviews still available? The link kept returning an error msg.

Thank you, PK

No sure- it may be gone due to the old platform knocking it for six and not allowing it to play
The same interview is available on my podcast page Bradley Hughes Goff on ITunes or Spotify etc

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Thank you. Am wanting to listen to Doug Sanders. Prolly should have said that up front!

Yes I knew what you meant- it’s on an episode of my podcast along with interviews with Ian Baker Finch- Frank Nobilo, Curtis Strange, Steve Williams, Brendon Todd, Steve Elkington, Rich Beem, Mark Calcavecchia, Bob Vokey and a few others. I have a double episode with Mike Clayton about course design and such which are great also

This is the Sanders Podcast link


Thank you for forwarding!

@twomasters, great interview of Doug Sanders. Really enjoyed it.

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“A winner makes a commitment, a loser makes a promise…”