Don White now with Scratch Golf

Legendary MacGregor clubmaker and custom grinder Don White is now with Scratch Golf (

I thought this would be interesting to many since MacGregor made such a great set of blades. In fact, the prettiest blades I ever saw were a set of MacGregors my friend used for about 10 years that I believe were custom made. He eventually wore them out after hitting almost countless golf balls with them.

It sounds like Don will be in charge of making their Tour custom clubs. For those looking for a modern club with more of a traditional design, this may be the place because it sounds like they can make almost any customization request possible.


Don is THE MAN!! Don’t piss him off though… This could be the beginning. Ryan would tee up a balata out there. Hmmm

I would be interesting to see some of the grinds…
thanks for posting…

I think he would too. What was he wearing at the SBS on his feet… Skectchers? Those looked as flat-bottomed as you’ll ever see.

How many folks watching the telecast were wondering what the “S” on his cap stands for!