Do We Push or Pull the Golf Club?

With a pivot driven swing we do both at the same time as follows…
more on this in the module #3 forum.

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I have to agree with that 100 percent theres pulling and pushing and the secret is where in the swing this occurs? lag with those pictures where you showing where in the swng this happens.But i believe in a hands controlled swing you can only do one or the other. When pulling and pushing are invovled it sets up a powerful motion.

In a proper pivot driven strike, the pivot and hands work together in unison… This is why when we hear great ball strikers discuss their swings, we often hear the word “connection”.

Connection means just that… the hands and pivot feel connected through the arms. It should all feel as one solid unit. The sequencing of the firing order of the various muscles (biomechanics) is what we are learning here through our module work.

The pivot has an active role, so do the hands.

Just like a car… you could argue about what is supplying power to the car… is it the fuel? oxygen? spark? what’s turning the wheels… the pistons? the transmission? the drive shaft or the rear end differential? All of them, it depends where you are looking. We need to have the parts in place, and their relationship to one another needs to be correct, so mechanical motion can flow in an orderly way.