Do lies change often?

How often is needed to get lies and/or loft checked for irons? Especially very flat ones?

Guy at Golf Galaxy told me every season they should be checked as he sees clubs out of spec all the time by then. I am thinking he was just guaranteeing future business?

Do lies even change over time from all the swings into dirt or are even soft forgings too tough to bend from ground strikes? Would mats have greater effect?

Doesn’t hurt to check them once a year… but I like Twomasters story about taking his irons in for the first time after he had won a bunch of tournaments and they were all over the place.

You get used to the clubs in your bag and what they do.

The lie angles and removing offset are the main things for me. I can live with the lofts being a degree or two off, but I don’t want to look down and see upright and or offset.

I wonder how much “memory” some of the new forgings have. I have a set of Macs (from 2006) that were tough to bend. The PW now looks like it’s gotten more upright in a very short period of time and I’ve been hitting a few heel-heavy pulls with it the last couple of times out. :unamused: Is it possible it’s moving back to it’s pre-adjusted lie?

I remember when I was in college I had a set of Founder Club 200 Series forged irons and they were all over the place after one summer. Of course, that was a summer filled with hitting off of mats and hardpan on the ranges up there.

Living in Florida, where it rains a lot, I’d imagine they don’t change much.

I know the Hogan’s are really easy to bend. I had a Hogan Apex PC 3-iron bent 9* and the clubmaker said he had no problem doing so, which surprised him.


Just the other day the local pro here bent my Wilson Julius Boros Putter (Bronze) 10-12 degrees just from pullng on the shaft as he could not put the bending bar on the hoswl.