DIY repair significant nicks/gouges in leading edge

Is there a DIY way to do this on a set of 70’s forged blades?

Also what is the best way to clear up rust spotting?



Not totally sure how to take care of the nicks/gouges but you could try a file. Are they that significant?

As far as rust spotting you might try an abrasive pad with a grit of 000 or 0000. If the rusting is on the face then I’d recommend just hitting a bunch of balls. :slight_smile:


I’m a welder by trade and a certified golf club tinkerer… I have seen some dings where the metal is protruding. I this kind of case, you can gently and carefully hammer it back into place. Then a little file work and its looks nice. On clubs where metal is missing around leading edge I have weld up the gap then grind down and smooth. Of course, there is no more chrome there. On clubs used regularly, the sand and dirt will keep the rust away…

Hard to tell without a picture- but for the rust you can try some jewelers rouge and a pad at low RPM’s, probably white rouge will do. Or, just some old elbow grease with oxidation cleaners you can find at a hardware store.

I suppose they will all eventually get banged up hey…so I might leave them and get a professional refurb at some point in time