DIY club bending

My local golf shop doesnt have a club bending machine, Since I live 300km from anywhere how hard is it to bend your own clubs?

I would assume one would use a piece of pipe sliding over the shaft and hosel and bending it down whilst in a vice? Im not sure if this will snap the shaft off in the hosel though? anyone else tried it before?

You can do the lie in a vice with a shaft holder and a rubber mallet, preferably a big one. Lofts get a little tricky with this method but lies are easy. Back in the day that’s how Ping used to do all their irons. Oh yeah, you’ll need a big jug of cheap red wine. The two most important tools for golf club repair are a good rubber mallet & a jug of cheap red. Don’t ask me I don’t make the rules but I don’t break them either… :laughing:

Oh yeah pin the hosel in the shaft holder right where the shaft ends & pound the head. Without the specialized tools that’s the easiest way and you can eyeball the lie pretty easy. If you try to pin the head in a vice you’ll do a lot of damage and the first thing to get trashed will be the leading edge (speaking from exp).