Distance? or .... accuracy ??

Distance? or … accuracy ??

didya catch game #6 of the MLB World Series last nite?

and … are you gonna place ur bets on the long-hitters?

(you know who they are … watson, holmes, etc.)

or better yet … long [enuff] when they want … but shorter + more accurate ?

(Donald, etc. ?)

… Freese + Berkman

Babe Ruth vs. Teddy Ballgame

… and the beat (debate) goes on … :slight_smile:


hmmm … no means for edit by the poster? [must’ve been covered 1K times before]

anyways … in my perceptions, Freese was swinging for the green-garden.of.Eden centerfield …
as he SHOULD have been (imo) … though plenty capable of “place-hitting”

and Berkman … hitting for placement :sunglasses: into the slot between infield / outfield

so … just an observation, and agreement w/ Lag …

fuggetaboutit! w/ the obsession for distance !

… we should/could commission r3jack to do an analysis on how often placement/accuracy wins,


beat the cover off it ! :smiling_imp:


Actually on the tour accuracy isn’t as important as distance. It was for a long time more important than driving distance but it was cut in half in 1990 when graphite shafts emerged then dropped to zero (as measured by correlation with end-of-season money ranking) with the ProV1 and 460cc heads. I just made a post about this on the frontpage here:


I suspect that on classic tracks or when playing the traditional (persimmon / blades) form of the game, accuracy still dominates or is at least equal in importance to distance.