Distance from ball at setup

I guess individual.But also something I contemplate a lot.Just seems like people who reach at address tend to stall and let the arms catch up.Where a feeling of crowding it get the hands and arms attached to the body more.Which gives more of a rotational feeling.But Moe Norman did just find reaching

What are your thoughts ?

I think a lot of this will be dictated by the lie angle and length of the club, right? Flatter = need to stand a bit farther from the ball and vice versa. I’m 6’3” so I’ve had to tinker over the years, both with my club set up and with my own set up (posture, distance from ball etc.) As a general rule of thumb I try and keep my torso as erect as possible setting up, taking plenty of knee flex and a wide stance (“powerful feeling” in the quads and inner thigh muscles) to accommodate for that, and then base my distance from the ball from there.

In an ideal world, I would love to have the shaft pointing just below the navel at address, which is where I’d also love to have it pointing at impact!

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I stand far away from the ball and it developed naturally to help me shallow my approach to the ball. I’m tall also and if I’m in close to the ball I have a tendency to be very steep and ott.

In theory, I could also play longer clubs to help, but the reality is longer clubs are harder to hit.

No perfect answer IMO, depends on your stature, swing, and who knows what else. For me, just found through trial and error that more space works better for me.