disemboweled? Macgregor 945T Driver

Hello All!
Anyone come across this?..picked this driver up from fleabay for cheap to re-finish and
add some weight, does not look like it was apart before…
Removed the sole plate to add some weight ( it was around 13.5 deadweight , about the norm that I have encountered)…
and there was a cavity carved out with epoxy glopped in and a piece of foam stuck down inside… with no lead .,
my thumb fit easily inside the hole…
Kinda looks like the overall integrity of the head was messed up, a small cavity, neatly bored with lead added is what usually find when i get these things apart…
Anyways, poured some lead in and still have a considerable void remaining,maybe this thing was made on a Friday :slight_smile:
Not sure if i should fill the rest of the hole with something else…any advice?



I think they used to pre drill all the heads early in the manufacturing process so they could add some weight if required. Yours mustn’t have needed any weight adding, so no lead pellet, just a space for it.

Thanks Neil,
Pretty wild how much wood was removed from this particular club!
Damn thing is probably going to sound like Bongo Drum when it is hit!..
maybe thats what the foams was for to muffle the echo!