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I have been following Monte Shheinblaum’s blog a for a monnth or so now. I don’t read it for the golf instruction, although he was a long drive champ and certainly has some skills. Mainly I follow it because the dude is hilarious…a lot of fun to read.

I couldn’t resist linking to this blog entry.

Hope you enjoy …


montescheinblum.wordpress.com/20 … -shanks-3/

Thank you for linking my blog here Andy.

If you guys have any questions…

Impact bag work can be a disaster if not done properly. Anyone taking full swings into the bag with end up over accelerating and creating a situation that can’t be supported post impact.

However, the bag can be a wonderful biomechanical training too if work on the bag is done properly with regular supervision.

You bet Monte…I love your writing style. I bet you’re a blast to play a round of golf with.


Thanks Andy, I try. :smiley:

This is my favorite Monte post because it reminds me of a friend of mine who had a similar experience. He’s about 13 years older than I am, but was a helluva golfer and played on scholarship at U. of Miami. He was roommates with Woody Austin and Bing Crosby’s kid I believe was the captain.

Well, my buddy comes down to Miami as a freshman and starts tearing it up. He was an incredible ballstriker. He used to hit a Toney Penna persimmon as well as I’d ever seen a golfer hit a persimmon. Long with the same 3 yard draw every time. Hit every iron in his bag really well. Horrendous putter. Like he may go thru a stretch where 3-5 footers he’s making only 50% of them.

Anyway, he had a bit of a weird swing. It wasn’t too wacky though, just a little loop to the inside…kinda like a cross between Couples and Trevino. He also had his right thumb off the grip of the club at address, but I believe he just put it on there in the middle of the swing.

Anyway, his coach had the idea of ‘send him to this hotshot Leadbetter and he’ll get him to swing it right and then he’ll be really great.’ Except when he tried he wound up getting the shanks and couldn’t get rid of them. He then got ahold of Leadbetter and literally told him to F off and stopped seeing him. Then his coach kept persisting (had him see Venturi for awhile, which my buddy thought Venturi was a snake oil salesman) and eventually my buddy went back home because he got sick of the coach, he was homesick and had a drinking problem.

I had known him for awhile and he was always a hard person to get out stories of his time in Miami. But he was telling me this while we were playing in a member-guest and one of the guys we were playing against said he couldn’t help but overhear us talking about Leadbetter and the guy says ‘I went down to him for 4 days straight and shanked the ball all four days. There’s a reason why everybody on the Tour calls him Lead-Poison.’



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You guys will probably enjoy this one too.


More ramblings on Leadbetter.


Fleet Enemas and cracking walnuts…nowhere else but the Scheinblaum blog…awesome.


Monte I think you deserve to be bookmarked. Entertaining stuff. Keep it coming.

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