Cracked Forged Iron Head

Unfortunately the neck of my 58 wilson dyna power 8 iron has a half way through the neck. Is the club junk or can it be fixed? I would get another set but it is difficult finding 58 left handed dyan powers. :unamused: … 2306eece0a

Here is a 65 Dyna 9 iron you could bend into an 8 iron easy enough… at least in the meantime till you find the 58 LH. The LH ones are out there… just have to be patient. Check

from time to time… although I didn’t see one on there today…

Thanks Lag. I will buy that 9 iron and keep my eye out for and 8 iron.

There are places that will fix them, but not sure if they feel the same afterwords. Worth a try though.

Yeah, I contacted Jim at the iron factory and he can weld the club. However, the loft and lie can never be changed.