Has anyone experimented with having a very heavy total weight but lower swing weight?

I just counterweighted a set of irons. They are now MOI matched, have very heavy heads, Heavy shafts, and low swing weight.

I looked at the tour lock counterweights as well as the balance certified. I didn’t like the price point and so I set about making my own.

It cost about 3 bucks per club. If anyone is interested I can post up a quick tutorial. Putting up pictures is always a challenge for me so Id like to gauge interest before i spent time uploading photos.


How does counterbalancing in this way help with your performance or feel of the golf swing?

In my experience, it helps stabilize both the shaft and the club face. It seems to put a lot more feel into the pressure points of my right hand and give me the feeling of something to push against when firing mod 1/mod 2.