Corporatization of Golf

Sorry I just had to vent my spleen somewhere! :imp: I listened to a podcast / radio show on the way home tonight with Hank Haney being interviewed about the Presidents Cup, his new tv program and financial planning! I thought the financial planning bit was a joke to start off with before Hank started earnestly telling me how much he enjoyed his work with Charles Schwab, renowned PGA tour star that he is. Then he starts saying what we can learn from Tiger in the way he plans his game and how we can apply it to our own financial planning, with those nice Charles Schwab folks. Tigers putting has gone up and down this year but heh thats just like life so you know what you need to do…

It was so toe curlingly awful I had to switch if off and fume silently on the train for an hour…something I now do very well! I am sure I the only one who feels that this shameless promotion of the corporate $ (golf channel telecast anyone or that nice Jim Nantz!) may have bought riches for a few but it eats away at the very soul of the game. :frowning:


Rant over - i feel better now :wink:


You are not the only one.
Watch how nutty it gets as the golf industry ramps up for the Olympics.


It was bit funny when “two” was here, and he asked if I had the golf channel, and I said I didn’t think so… but he found out that I do in fact
have the golf channel…! I have never watched it on my TV. Still trying to catch up with everything that happened 40 years ago. I think I have
30 episodes of “Shells” to watch before I have to resort to the golf channel…

What if Callaway, Nike and The Golf Channel want to advertise on this forum? What should I do? Should I bow? or give them the finger?

C’mon Lag… surely you’ve seen Michael Breed’s “The Golf Fix” on The Golf Channel?! :slight_smile:

It was actually funny when I was staying at Lag’s house. We couldn’t find the presidents Cup on tv- thought it was on NBC but was actually on the golf channel the first couple of days. Lag said- “Oh well, looks like we can’t watch it, I don’t even have the golf channel”
I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. I flicked through the channels and eventually found the Golf Channel. He did have it but did not even know he did- so I doubt he would know who Michael ‘face in the camera’ Breed is !! I normally turn the channel when that stuff comes on :smiling_imp:

Happy to leave that one to you Lag as long as we don’t get the Pepsi 4.30 line or exit left with Lexus too soon :laughing:

What if Callaway, Nike and The Golf Channel want to advertise on this forum? What should I do? Should I bow? or give them the finger?

That’s one way to get me out of here forever…*

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