Corey Pavin

Today was a rare day when we got to see what was at one time common place on tour. A short hitter up against a very long hitter… in this case Pavin vs Bubba Watson.

I used to enjoy seeing this kind of rivalry.

Pavin was being out driven often 100 yards… which is really remarkable that he could end up in a sudden death playoff.
It really goes to show the value of properly controlling your golf ball, and clearly Pavin did so much better by far than anyone in the field.

In a three way playoff with Pavin, Verplank, and Bubba Watson, Corey had to hit driver hybrid into the first playoff hole, while Bubba flipped a sandwedge.

Although Pavin had to get up and down from a bunker to save par which he did, he exited early, after both Watson and Verplank birdied.

I would say that he may have been unfortunate to have had to play that particular hole as the first playoff hole. If the first hole were a tight driving hole where any kind of miss directed drive would make the players hesitate to pull driver in the first place, Pavin might have had a significant edge. In this case he clearly did not.

However, a golf event is played over 18 holes, and in this case 72 holes, so clearly there must have been some holes out there where Pavin was able to make up for lost ground against players driving it 100 yards by him at times. I really found it quite inspiring to see… and with Tom Watson at age 60 still being competitive in majors where you DO have to control the ball more often than not, I hope that motivates some of the other players to come down from the broadcast booths and play the kind of golf that could be a real eye opener for many golf patrons. I don’t suspect the general golfing public really understands what they are seeing here.

Pavin’s Stats:

Driving Distance 262.0
Driving Accuracy 89%
GIR 74%

Putts Per GIR 1.643

Sand Save Percentage 1-1- 100%

B. Watson Stats:
Driving Distance 321
Driving Accuracy 66%
GIR 71%

Putts Per GIR 1.63

Sand Save Percentage 3-4 75%

This is really compelling, because though B. Watson is driving the ball 60 yards by Pavin on average… however…Pavin hits more greens.
Watson found 4 bunkers, Pavin just one… even from striking the ball 60 yards behind Watson. I think this speaks very loud and clear as to the sophistication of Pavin as a ball striker and shotmaker. Driving the ball straight does have value on many golf courses.

I certainly don’t know this for a fact, but I would guess that B. Watson would have a hard time keeping up with Pavin from 260 off the tee into the greens… even if he is hitting less club in number… which would produce a higher shot.

I don’t spend much time looking at stats, but I found this comparison worth paying attention to. It’s inspiring to say the least.

Watson did play well and deserved the win of course.

Nice assessment Lag. I was a bit surprised to see Pavin right there in the playoff… such a great example of length not being the be-all-end-all it gets made out to be these days. I’m astounded as to how the 50/60-somethings are able to keep pace. That Watson “should have” won the British last year and then had a fine showing at Pebble in the US Open at his age is simply incredible/inspiring and is a testament to what great ball-striking can mean to any golfer regardless of age.

Watson did deserve to win. Hard not to pull for him, especially with the situation with his Dad and what I believe is his blue-collar background… rare with many young players these days. I thought his “f’ing veterans” comment directed at Elk last year was really childish, but no one’s perfect. He seems like the real deal.


certainly was interesting to see Pavin play so well.

On UK tv though, they said he hit 3 wood off the first playoff hole. Not sure if that was true but might explain why he hit hybrid and Verplank (who is no spring chicken himself) and Watson hit PW and SW respectively.

I am fairly certain he hit 3 wood and I also think he mishit it a bit as well. After striking the ball he seemed a bit disgusted with his swing. In regulation he hit a 4 iron into that green and had a bit over 200 yards.

Pavin had been close at the Colonial a few weeks ago as well. He had a couple of bad holes down the stretch that knocked him out but he played well there as well. On the telecast they said something that was interesting, they mentioned Corey is truly one of a kind. That the new younger players; nobody really is playing the game like him. When you think about it is is really exciting to watch him play because he truly is the last player of our generation to play the game like that. I enjoy watching him play.

I played quite a few times with Corey in college, and his game was basically the same… he would hit a persimmon 225 yards off the tee, and be hitting long irons and 4 wood into most of the par 4’s. But he would shoot 66. He controlled the golf ball better than anyone. His senior year in college he won 7 times. It was simply amazing. He of course had a stellar short game, but his ball striking was fantastic. Not long, but straight, and he worked the ball at left or right, high or low at will.

Here’s a look back into the past!


Can’t beat him now, couldn’t beat him then!

Well, you lost the first day, beat him the second, tied the third…looks like if it had been tennis, a tie breaker was needed. :smiley:

Eddie Merrins, the “little pro,” was UCLA’s coach…do you think there was something about his swing philosophy was particularly good for his players?

Merrin’s taught a hold off release… and I remember this really helping Duffy Waldorf. Duffy was coming out of high school as a great player, but also was a football lineman, and he was so long it was unbelievable. I don’t think he had a lot of formal instruction until he was at UCLA.

The UCLA golf team that year was unbelievable.

Corey Pavin
Duffy Waldorf
Steve Pate
Jay Delsing
Tom Pernice

Mickey Yokoi qualified for the US Open and was not in their regular starting line up! Their second 5 guys would have been a top 20 ranked NCAA division 1 team no doubt. I’m glad I didn’t go there… I wanted to go somewhere I could play… but Fresno my senior year had 5 All Americans also…

Tim Loustalot.
Kevin Sutheland
David Sutheland
Doug Harper

Tim later won twice on the Nationwide, and played a year or two on the PGA Tour… Kevin of course, and David played the PGA Tour for at least 10 years.

Doug was probably the best of us back then, being a two time All American, and he tied for first in the NCAA Championships losing in a playoff for the title when we hosted it at San Juaquin CC in 83.

Doug quick golf for years, but has been back playing as Doug Garwood, and has been playing the Nationwide, and other mini tours with good success. He was one of the greatest putters I have ever seen. His first college win was at The Olympic Club… so that speaks enough right there.

Wow Lag,
Doug Garwood met him when i worked in Valencia Calif at TPC one of the nicest guys i’ve ever met would watch him hit balls with Jason Gore who lived on course. Doug would let me pick his brain on the golf swing oh my the 4.30 line. I remember now at the time didnt understand it. But he would show me where he wanted the shaft flat laid off behind him right on his right forearm coming down he would just stripe balls for hrs while i came in steep and slapping at it couldnt get there or didnt know how but thanks to ABS on my way! This is amazing what he told me 7yrs ago is what your telling us now. I couldnt understand why he struggled out there he hit the golf ball pure

He just won the Sedona Open at Oak Creek. I saw him hit a shot on one of the par 3s when i was on an adjacent hole the last day, he seemed to kind of have a short backswing and dropped it inside.

Sedona Open
Presented By: Cliff Castle Casino
Oakcreek Country Club
Tuesday - Thursday, July 9- 11, 2013
Place Name Affiliation Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Winnings
1st Doug Garwood Stevenson Ranch, CA 65 65 67 197 $4,000.00
2nd Alex Moore Scottsdale, AZ 71 65 65 201 $2,400.00
3rd Richard Gaona Mesa, AZ 73 64 65 202 $1,300.00
David McDaniel Tucson, AZ 66 68 68 202 $1,300.00
5th Roberto Galletti Phoenix, AZ 66 68 69 203 $960.00
6th Craig Hocknull Gilbert, AZ 67 68 69 204 $937.50
Corey Knight (A) Avondale, AZ 67 68 69 204 $0.00
Chris Satterlee Phoenix, AZ 62 70 72 204 $937.50
9th Dave Aksamit Phoenix, AZ 69 67 69 205 $820.00
10th Jacob Rogers Tucson, AZ 69 69 68 206 $760.00
Ben Kreger Anthem, AZ 69 69 68 206 $760.00
12th James Blair Ogden, UT 66 72 69 207 $715.00
13th Khris Niess Phoenix, AZ 69 69 70 208 $685.00
14th Ryan Caughlan Mesa, AZ 71 70 68 209 $643.33
Dennis Downs Surprise, AZ 70 70 69 209 $643.33
Brandon Smith Tucson, AZ 70 72 67 209 $643.33
17th Coy Sanchez Glendale, AZ 69 71 70 210 $595.00
Scott Foster Anthem, AZ 73 70 67 210 $595.00
19th Dave Yarnes Scottsdale, AZ 73 69 69 211 $550.00
Ray Beaufils Scottsdale, AZ 70 72 69 211 $550.00
Chris Dompier Tucson, AZ 74 68 69 211 $550.00
Jake Younan-Wise Gilbert, AZ 72 71 68 211 $550.00
Kevin Walters Gilbert, AZ 71 66 74 211 $550.00
24th Andrew Ok Granada Hills, CA 73 68 71 212 $510.00
Jake Hunter Page, AZ 73 68 71 212 $510.00
Jeff Nichols Mesa, AZ 68 75 69 212 $510.00
27th Zachary Baker Scottsdale, AZ 70 72 71 213 $475.00
Nathan Page Mesa, AZ 71 72 70 213 $475.00
Blayne Hobbs Anthem, AZ 72 68 73 213 $475.00
William Spratt Santa Barbara, CA 69 74 70 213 $475.00
31st William Barton Fountain Hills, AZ 70 72 72 214 $438.33
Michael Frye Fountain Hills, AZ 70 69 75 214 $438.33
Ryan Eckroat Florence, AZ 70 73 71 214 $438.33
34th Jake Golembiewski Chandler, AZ 66 73 76 215 $410.00
Brent Newcomb Tucson, AZ 73 70 72 215 $410.00
36th Jason Reddington Phoenix, AZ 72 69 75 216 $380.00
Don Littrell Tucson, AZ 68 73 75 216 $380.00
Anthony Quezada Phoenix, AZ 73 70 73 216 $380.00
Justin Spray Gold Canyon, AZ 75 68 73 216 $380.00
40th Steve Harsha Goodyear, AZ 70 71 76 217 $350.00
Ryan Sawyer Plano, TX 68 75 74 217 $350.00
42nd Paul Trittler Scottsdale, AZ 73 69 76 218 $330.00
Blake Isakson Phoenix, AZ 70 73 75 218 $330.00
44th Tyler Anderson Phoenix, AZ 75 68 76 219 $312.50
Raymond Gillip II Phoenix, AZ 72 71 76 219 $312.50
46th Rob West Peoria, AZ 71 72 78 221 $300.00

Doug’s having his best year. He might be the next Michael Allen… late blooming Champions Tour player. It would be great to see him get a Champions Tour card in the fall. Monday qualifying a few weeks back and finishing 7th on the Champions I’m sure gave him a big confidence boost.

My dad was out watching the final group, but he didn’t know that Doug Garwood and Doug Harper is the same person… so he didn’t realize he was watching my college roommate win the event!

Great to see, and thanks for posting.

These are a couple swings of him from a few years ago.

I got some footage of Doug when he played a mini-tour event at my home course a year or two ago. I recognized the name from ABS, so I followed his group for a few holes with my Casio. I wanted to chat with him after the round and mention Lag, but somehow I missed his group coming in. I’ll see if I can dig up my videos.

lbcyp: Ever play at Anthem?

No i haven’t … rey-pavin/

Hey Lag,

Looks like Doug is off to a good start this week on the Champions Tour.