Cool Wood Ring On Hogan Speed Slot

I have started the process of flattening a left handed Hogan Speed slot and wanted to share a neat looking wood ring. The center is directly behind the sweet spot. :wink: Can’t wait to hit this beauty!

That is way cool Grux, looks like you have it sanded to perfection! What finishes do you plan on using…?
I just won 2 Persimmon Speed Slots on fleabay Driver and 3 Wood for $40.00 USD…
They are original and look pretty good, but I will likely re finish…
I am working on finishing up a flattened Wilson Staff Tour Block 3 wood that was part of a set I posted while back… like new on the finish !! Had to muster up some courage to take it apart in such prsitine shape! Will post it when I finish it.

good job!

Those were the laminated blocks that were made later. Usually finished in black. While they were made mostly for the mass production public, there were a few tour players that used them. I don’t think they feel as good to hit as solid persimmon, but I would rather hit one than a metal wood personally.

Yes this was finished in black. I am looking forward to comparing my bantam ben to the speed slot.

I will probably use a light stain to show off the ring. I will also post a picture when the refinish job is completed.

Always like to see others efforts!,
my damn Staff 3 wood split thru the neck while reboring…
drill bit grabbed a backscrew remant and adios ! :angry:
Oh well time to look for another victim for flattening! This stuff gets a bit addictive! :smiley: