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Priceless stuff…the very roots of the game.

While watching those videos, I couldn’t get the movie “Field of Dreams” out of my head.

Is this heaven?, it’s Canada! :smiley: RR

Great videos Paulsy, thanks for sharing… I dug a little into the other ones too… Your Dad’s swing is so reminiscent of those very late Hogan pictures that were posted in some other thread… fantastic leg action for a guy of 80!


      thanks for uploading those videos....and what a garden  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :imp:   evious!!!!!!  i also like the picture lag took of you on the 430 position. your swing is definitley something for me to achieve and lastly thanks again for sharing with us.

your friend and envious fan Martin

Thank you much people…I am very flattered and cannot wait to show Dad some of this. He has no computer but when he sees this I’m certain he will be pleased. I don’t believe he has seen himself swing in a very long time…if ever, cool stuff and much appreceiated Lag… Paulsy who golfs :smiley:

Here is the awaited interview with “The Old Pro” John Henrick, former PGA Tour player, 1967 Quebec Open Champion, and 3 time Ontario Senior Open Champion.

The conversation is also posted on the new ABS Interview thread on the homepage.

There are some deep nuggets here, and I suggest anyone serious about golf have a listen to “The Old Pro’s” words of wisdom.

what a delightful interview! thanks to Lag and Paulsy for getting this together


Yes I really enjoyed it as well…thanks to all involved. I could listen to guys like John and Al Barkow talk forever.

Cheers, Arnie

THAT WAS MARVELOUS LAG :exclamation: :smiley: Dad will be here in the morning to listen to the interview…He will be happy…Thanks so much for your time and help, Paulsy

Thanks Lag and Paulsy for arranging a great interview with the “Old Pro”. History at it’s best. :slight_smile: RR

Nice interview.
I never knew persimmon was pronounced like Lag pronounced it! I always thought the emphasis was on the “pers”, not the “simm”…
I was interested about what he thought of Moe Norman - it sounds to me that while he was indeed a very good ball striker, he was inferior to the likes of Knudson…

As much as I am a fan of Moe, having spent a lot of time with him personally, I felt it interesting to pose the question of Moe’s legacy to John, because if anyone knew the reality of Moe’s abilities compared to Knudson’s or even Al Baulding it would be John.

I met Moe in 1987, not 1957 or 67. Moe was a great self promoter no doubt, but also an amazing ball striker. However, George clearly was the more accomplished player, and certainly deserving of those accolades.

I find it very interesting to get a more direct and personal opinion from a very reliable source.

I liked the part about Jock Smith, as I could really relate to the concept of someone you or anyone else has never heard of that could play golf as good as anyone or anyone else you have ever heard of.

Jock was a Scotsman…he came to the Brampton club in the late 70’s to visit Dad. He was I believe 70 or 71 then…he came in the shop and I don’t think father recognized him at first,he stuck out his big Scotish paw and said to Dad in his Scotish brogue…“laddy I’ve done something you’ll not do for sometime,yesterday I shot two strokes better than my age.” I’m sure the score was 69 so that makes Jock 71 at the time and Dad was still in his 40’s. Years later at the age of 72 the “Old Pro” John shot 69 on a par 72…but I’ll never forget the day Jock showed up at the club. I’m sure he tracked Dad down just to tell him that in person…they had not seen each other in years and years!!! I don’t believe my father ever saw him again but all these years later Dad still marvels at this amazing Scotsman who would play only 2 weeks of the year, while on holidays and hit it better than anyone my father has ever seen…*^%%ng magic stuff! oh ya,and that day he showed up…you guessed it…he was on his holiday!!!

                      JOCK SMITH....unbelievable stuff

Ok…who has film copy of Jock Smith…come on…cough it up! :laughing: RR

That was a great interview. 80 years old and sounds sharp as a tack, he remembers such detail, and relates it all so smoothly. There must be something about golf that is life enhancing and preserving.

And the swing we have seen is enviable. I’m adding him to my role model list.

Something that hit me in the interview was the discussion about the sound of the strike. John sounded certain it was different. I am wondering, with all this technology we have now, why someone hasn’t recorded, analyzed and graphically dispayed the sound of striking the ball, the loudness , pitch, tone… and how it varies with clubweight, shaft flex, swing speed, club acceleration, ball type, etc. Maybe even tie together with that new machine R3J talks about.

Many thanks John, Paul, John…I enjoyed that very much…Look forward to if/when the next conversation. I wonder if John is the only living person to play with Horton Smith…Maybe Arnold?

Fantastic interview- thanks guys for putting that together… there’s some amazing energy about this place…
I also found it interesting to hear John’s take on Moe’s legacy. Jackie Burke tackles a similar question re: Hogan in that interview posted a while back. He didn’t seem all that ‘pleased’ with the deification of Hogan, the way McLean posed the question to him you could tell they’d talked about it before and that Burke didn’t buy the whole thing… It’s right at the start of part 2 of their interview…
Again, thanks to Pausly and the 2 Johns for sharing that interview…

:smiley: Well, Dad just finished listening to the interview. He was tickled pink and giggling like a little boy with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with cherries on it. A huge thanks to Lag for making my fathers day…and week…and in fact rejuvinating him…he now has a spring in his step and renewed enthusiasm!! This was exactly what the doctor ordered for the “Old Pro” I am moved emotionally and for that I thank you.


And humor! Don’t forget the amazing humor!!! :wink:

Captain Chaos (who can’t wait to listen to the interview)

Captain…You’re playing off scratch in regards to wit ( at least). And RR is not far behind. Even with that tiny little rat brain.

I like it…makes for a nice atmosphere around the place. And a few ear to ear grins or belly laughs each day never hurt anyone.

  Ok, I asked my Dad and he said he could not find his video camera in I believe we are SOL on the footage :wink:  :laughing: