Connecting the dots (between Knudson, Hogan, and Moe)

I’ve been a long time ABS lurker, however, I took a hiatus due to kids, career along with life’s other aspects. I started my advanced ball-striking journey again and remembered the wealth of knowledge this forum has in regards to the true greats. I had an epiphany that’s made a huge impact on my swing motion and what I mean by “impact” I mean literally. I feel I have solid control of my low point of the swing. Let me preface this with some basic information. I use Moe’s setup with the straight angle of the lead arm/club (face-on view) and a straight plane line with the club and the trail arm (down-the-line view). This setup isn’t the epiphany, however. The epiphany I had was applying Mike Maves aka Sevam1 swing thought. Now I’ve seen this video a long time ago and I’ve tried to apply it with inconsistent success. Then, it came to me - I remember reading an article of Moe talking about the trail foot…

“Tiger Woods must be having a wonderful time searching for that one little thing he’s doing wrong. I wonder when he’ll notice it—the way his right heel lifts straight off the ground now instead of coming up and toward his left. His weight shift is terrible right now, that’s all. Don’t tell him. It’ll ruin his fun.”

The last piece of the puzzle now is George Knudson. In his book, The Natural Golf Swing, he talks about his weight on the backswing stays on the inside of the trail foot. If it moves to the outside of the foot, one will lose their balance. Now, on the through-swing, Knudson approaches it as simply a transfer of weight and emphasizes the distance the navel travels from the backswing all the way to the finish.

The “too long;didn’t read” (tl;dr) Preset your stance by (ever so) slightly elevating the heel of your trail foot and torquing it towards the target. (Hogan/Knudson flexing in right knee)

Some good thoughts here…
There are a lot of puzzles in the golf swing once you start breaking down the great swings like Moe and Hogan, Knudson, Trevino. What they all did was hold shaft flex into impact and accelerated the club through the strike by internally rotating their core. Swinging heavier gear forces one to use the bigger muscles in the torso and legs, and the additional mass in the clubhead is a very positive factor for impact dynamics and energy transfer into the golf ball. Not just distance but accuracy AND distance control. Very hard to have great distance control swinging light gear.

The heavy gear no doubt played a role. That’s something I, myself, had tweaked a little while ago with massive amounts of lead tape. I’m considering filling the shaft with lead shot as well. That’s definitely helped with leveraging the club and distance control.

What are your thoughts on the Medicus training aid? That concept seems like it would help with maintaining proper shaft flex without resorting to flipping the hands.