Compression vs Cosmetics

I have yet to see
a good striker of a golf ball who’s swing I didn’t like. I care about one thing… law…
I care zero about cosmetics. When I played on tour I saw a lot of terrible looking swings
making a lot of money… and over time I realized that those so called terrible swings
were much better than a lot of the pretty swings on the range…

Our eyes really only can see the set up, to the top, and the finish… and it’s not hard to
make those look pretty… but that’s not what hits and properly compresses a golf ball.

P3 to PV5…

I have seen some ferocious compressors of a golf ball with horrible looking set ups,
strange positions at the top… and crazy looking finish swivels that FLUSH IT!

Weird set ups like Moe Norman, Hubert Green, bizarre backswings like Miller Barber,
Chi Chi, Furyk, crazy finishes like Palmer, Peter Senior, even Moe and Chi Chi again.

So why is the golf world so enamored with cosmetics? It quite silly and naive.

We are going to learn to compress the golf ball properly. Once we learn that, you can
paint and wax the car any color or shine you like.

No good the Ferrari having a 1 litre, 90 horsepower diesel engine :laughing: