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Just a note to you Lag devotees. I have been helping Lag with some of his club alterations, persimmons flattening and refinish, iron sets and wedge weighting for a while now. We live about 15 miles apart so I see him frequently. I have been at club repair and collecting since 1979 and have run into most of the issues you will face if you decide to become a do-it-yourselfer for club repair or remodeling. I will be happy to answer your technical questions if I can and I welcome your emails submitted to: (or thru the forum although I do not check it too often).

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I’m Lags club guy over here in the UK/Europe. I’ve flattened over 50 Persimmons and Lag spec’d up about 10 sets of blades for myself and other students over here. I’ve a bunch of question I would like to ask you as I still run into difficulties all the time and am always keen to learn. Expect a few emails. :slight_smile:



Neil - Always glad to help if I can. I also usually pick up a tip or 2. Mike


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Hi Mike or anyone else,

I’ve got a chipped heel/face on this MacG. Any suggestions on the best way to repair it? I guess I’m most concerned about the face section and have another club with the same problem but more pronounced on the face. These heel hits were obviuosly done by the previous owner. :wink:

Chipped 3-wood.jpg

Here’s another view

Appreciate it
Chipped 3-wood SV.jpg

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Below is Mike’s reply…I also like his idea about adding screws to the insert:

There are basically 2 ways to repair this. You could use clear epoxy after cleaning the bad area out a bit.
The preferred option is to use a persimmon graft. To do that you would expand the chip area using a file and use a sacrificial piece of persimmon from an old wood to fill the area… Epoxy it in and then rasp and sand to the proper contour. Begin work at the second scoring line up from the bottom and chisel out the old persimmon maybe 1/8" or more. It is easier if the insert is out of the club and the insert may need to be reset anyway. I would also consider using a 4 screw diamond pattern on the insert which was common to the better clubs. Let me kn ow if this makes sense. Mike