Club Repair and ABS Alteration Price List

While we encourage “do it yourself’ers” with a wealth of instruction guides in the equipment forum, Mike Rees has offered to ABS-tisize existing sets and other related club work for those who prefer not to tread the waters of basement club repair.

Persimmon refinish, re-set sole plate,re-set insert, bored flat, reshafted, whipping, grip, new screws if necessary proper weighting /total ABS makeover existing club $170. (Your regrip or we will include a quality synthetic “Mint” grip)

Weighting a set to ABS specs requires us to remove the grips, work weight down into the shaft and seal it. We typically us tungsten powder or sometimes lead. $120 per set.

Bend, flatten, loft and lie to spec/ including offset removal is $100 per (set 2-PW or SW)

Full iron set makeover $350 includes reshafting, weighting, loft lie, offset removal, grip (Mint) ferrule, pins extra $50 ($400)
(We only do alterations to vintage blades because the forgings were from softer steel that we don’t have to worry about risking breaking a club. Generally mid 1980’s and prior.) Many of today’s forged irons are too brittle for us to work in the vice. Don’t send us a set of cavity backs!

$50 for a new set of grips.

Other custom work may be accomodated. Email for details.

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Hi Lag,

Are you and Mike R still doing iron offset removal?


$100 per set if you send pre paid return label.

email me at:

I am new to ABS after watching many of your videos. I have been fascinated by hogan’s swing for a long time. Have watched many videos from instructors trying to teach his swing. But watching John Erickson’s teaching on videos have helped me to understand the best. I want to flatten my clubs to really commit to the swing. Does any one has a guide to do it. Appreciate it!

Hi, @bullgs ,

Search here on this Forum for “Flat Lies”, and you’ll find a large number of posts where ABS’ers discuss the ways to do this. There’s also on YouTube under the “John Erickson” channel, videos of how this is done. And Bradley Hughes comments on equipment: ( Bradley Hughes Golf | Equipment ). Also check out the “Flaghuntersgolfpad” podcast ( ‎Flaghuntersgolfpod on Apple Podcasts ) and listen to John Erickson and/or Brad Hughes interviews about flatter lie angles, and they will describe what needs to be done.

Bottom lines:

  • Flat lies are a really good thing
  • Your swing dynamics have to match, i.e. the Modules 1,2,3 work - very worthwhiel
  • Bending your (forged, typically vintage) blades to be flat is the foundation. Don’t try bending the flat lies onto the modern cast clubs, they too likely to break as cast clubs likely to break under that much lie angle adjustment.

Welcome and keep researching!

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Thanks for the post… it’s all there!

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Thanks John Sing. John Erickson has also answered my email and he sent me an attachment.