Club Making Books

I am wanting to learn more on club making was wondering if anyone recommended any good books.



Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair: The Principles and Procedures is the bible. It’s huge.

Most would say it’s out of date now but for us at ABS it’s perfect. Detailed step by step pictures of every procedure. It is for the professional clubmaker though so does often show a reliance on equipment that is too expensive for the one-off job, but it’s still a fantastic resource.

Thanks Steb! Ill check it out.

Yeah to be honest i could care less about the modern gear, although it wouldnt hurt to be knowledgeable on it. But i am more interested in the classic irons and persimmons. I know some of the irons have pins in the hosel, what is it for? When i get enough time, im going to go thru Lags manual on flattening out persimmons and try to do it. Sounds like a good winter project. :slight_smile:

This is a good deal on a great book: Golf Clubmaking and Repair by: Carl Paul. Free shipping too! But as already mentioned the Maltby book is the bible or holy grail of clubmaking. This book though, is a good companion. … 19ce03344a

Hope it helps,