Club Length fitting for ABS

I think we have discussed lie and lofts fitting but not length. As we know generally the older (our) gear is much shorter. I have a Ram set with 37" 5 Iron. Now I know from my putter fitting that the longer the putter the flatter it needs to be for my eye alignment. My numbers are 33" 72deg , 33.5" 71 deg and 34" 70 degrees. So is it true the other way round i.e the flatter you go the longer the club needs to be. Are all of your sets the same length and how to go about how long??

The shorter the shaft, the easier it is to control the golf club. Control is the name of the game, and only with the driver should we consider going deliberately over length.

A long time ago some very smart golfers figured out that short irons would perform better with shorter stiffer shafts with much more mass in the clubhead.

There have been companies over the years that have come out with uni length clubs… but we are not seeing good results at the higher levels of ball striking.

Half inch step patterns and shaft lengths are still standing the test of time… even in the stepless shafts, the principles are still there…

A better solution to flatter lie angles is more knee bend through impact. Better than making the shafts longer and giving up incremental control of the club.