Cloran's New Personal Bests with ABS

I stopped playing golf approx 2 years ago. I had a new job, 2 young kids, and no time. When I left it was as struggle to break 90. My average score was about 92 and I had been lucky enough to shoot 86 once, and 42 for 9 holes once.

In January I started to really miss golf, but remembered how much I HATED the way I played. I had no idea where the ball was going. Huge slice, hook, push, top, chunk… I loved the game but was so disappointed that I couldn’t compete.

I set my goal at getting to scratch in 2 years. I would dedicate myself to one swing style, and practice diligently… if I couldn’t get to scratch in 2 years then it wasn’t meant to be, but I’d surely improve over that time. Hopefully to a point that I could at least compete. Ultimately, my goal is to get to at least a 5 HC and play in “The Ike.” It’s the stroke play championship of the Metropolitan Golf Association (New York). JJ Henry has won it along with many great amateurs and some pros… I just want to get in. You have to be a 5 HC at least.

I started working on Module 1 mid-January. Bent my irons flat, and started to work in the garage. I’d go to the range and discuss “lightbulb” moments with the members here. The discussion here certainly helps.

I then moved to Module 2 without having played a round of golf yet. Still just working on the modules each night in my garage after the kids go to sleep and the wife puts American Idol on… I can do without AI.

Starting in April I had progressed far enough to move onto Module 3. I went to the range more, and decided to get out on the course.

I played my first 9 holes in 2 years and shot a 49… not exactly an improvement over my previous golf experiences, but I was happy to just get out there.

I played my second 9 the following Saturday. I had gone to the range each day the prior week, trying to feel the modules and develop a consistent swing. I shot a 42 with 5 pars. Matching my career best for score, and I had NEVER had 5 pars in 18 holes, never mind 9! I was very excited. My swing wasn’t incredibly different “look-wise,” but just enough of the modules had seeped into my swing DNA to give me a 1 way miss. The left side of the course was gone and I could actually play a shot shape, pretty cool.

Yesterday I got out for my first full 18 holes in 2 years. I felt like I was struggling, but in actuality it’s just that my expectation have increased. I thought I was hitting it poorly, but in actuality I still only had a one-way miss and I could keep the ball in play on every hole.

I shot an 82… 41 front, 41 back. New personal records for 18 holes (by 4 shots) and 9 holes (by 1 shot)!!! I had 10 pars!! I don’t feel like I’m ever out of a hole. Bad tee shot, no worries. Poor approach, no biggie. I double bogeyed a hole and forgot about it… made a great par on the next.

I went from getting MAYBE 2 pars/round to 10 in my first time out. I went from hitting maybe 2-3 greens in regulation to 7 yesterday. I still see SO MUCH room for improvement. I had 1 penalty stroke and so many garbage shots that I should have easily broken 80. That would make this whole story REALLY good… “Guy can’t break 90, takes two years off, joins ABS and shoots 79 his first day out…” LOL, I could read the headlines.

Currently I’m 1800 reps deep into Module 3. Module 4 is lurking around the corner, and I’m excited to see what it brings. Golf will always be a passion of mine, but having a 2-way miss makes it a hard game to enjoy. Shooting in the 90’s is certainly respectable as the majority of golfers will never break 100, but I need to compete and playing bogey golf was frustrating. ABS has given me the confidence to step up to any shot and know for a fact that the ball will not go left, unless I want it to. I could never say that before.

Thanks for listening.

great story…

I admire your patience to resist to play whilst the reps were done to train the body…

Breaking 80 would have been a great story but personal bests already is fantastic

When the muscles know what to do through the module work then they can do !! … and then the brain doesn’t get in the way!

Way to go Pinzer

Congrats Pinzer!

Most people never get any better…That’s fantastic and keep up the good work.


Keep grinding the modules… hit balls off grass only…play as often as you possibly can… the more rounds you get in the better, because there is no substitution for learning to feel your way around the golf course by actually being ON THE GOLF COURSE.

Use the range to test your module work, and examine ball flight patterns so you can take that pattern to the course… and play golf.

The golf course is where you will develop your sixth sense, feel, intuition, and how to play wind, side hills, rain, or whatever comes your way. Learn to feel your yardages the best you can by instinct. Do use yardage as valuable information, but only use it as a general rough in… then go with your gut… in the long run you will be right more often than not.

Very well done, Pinzer! It’ll get even easier when the confidence grows.


Captain Chaos

Want to add my congrats also Pinzer. Gonna get better and better.

Congrats to Pinzer and Lagpressure,

Such progress is quite unusual - except for talented kids who take up the game in the right age.

Phew, I thought I was getting old… it’s nice to hear that 32 is the “right age.” :smiley:

After lurking on this forum for several weeks, I was inspired to post when I read this thread.

“Kudos Pinzer! I know just how you feel and It Feels Great:smiley:

After struggling with this game for so long , I finally decided that something had to change or I would hang up my clubs for good.
So six weeks ago I headed for a local pro and kept my fingers crossed. This guy had a very impressive resume, and I thought this time things could be different, this time I might have a fighting chance.

He asked me to trust in what he told me, whack this bag thing and practice hard. I did. Shot my pb 80 this past weekend… not bad for a girl.
Thanks to Twomasters for all his help and inspiration.

I know, “How lucky am I ?”

Welcome Dani,

You are not the only Lassie on the site!
Pressurecooker emailed me and at 56, she just shot a 76 in a tournament and took home the low gross prize playing from the back tees with the men… meaning, she won low gross including the men, and younger men as well… overall.

You’re in good hands with Twomasters!

Not to sound sexist, but I could watch competent women golfers swing a club all day long. Not just from the differences in physiology mind you :wink: … it’s the fluid motion and smooth tempo that are so mesmerizing. Except for Laura Davies, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain Chaos