Classic Wood Restoration (Dave Wood's website)

Dave Wood (Founder of Wood Bros) has been working on the new section of his home page. He just informed me today that a few of the pages are now up! I just reviewed them and I know you guys will really like to check this out. It describes the best ways to refinish classic woods.

He recently did a Texan and a M85 for me as well as about 7 other clubs for a few other guys. He’s one of the best if not the best at what he does, thats for sure.
Click on the link below the front page graphic to view.

Attached is the M85, The Texan pics you’ve probably seen.

M85 008.jpg

Thank you so much for that link there…

This is how to do it the right way. I learned a few things ready through that tutorial. A must read really for anyone serious about
doing persimmon restoration work…

How can you not just love a fine crafted great playing persimmon?

thanks freddie



Thank you for bringing us an “inside the ropes” view of the craft and artistry of Dave Wood.

Thanks, Fred… that’s just great. This man should be doing this stuff full time! There’s something not right when someone of his genius doesn’t get to do his thing. Though looking around the world at the moment, it’s fair to say that the little guy is starting to make himself heard. Wood Bros should be what Taylor Made, Callaway, and Ping are combined.
Thanks for the link, and wish him the best…


I agree with you completely. He said because his process is so extensive and time consuming it more beneficial for him to do about 6 to 10 or more at once. Check out the site from time to time, he mentioned he’s going to have more material to put up soon with more clubs and more refinish info. I’m looking fwd to it.

Fantastic stuff!

Thanks for posting.