Classic Womens sets

Not sure if it’s been posted but I was wondering about trying older womens wood - woods and possibly forged irons doing the ABS treatment, swing weighting and reshafting. I figured these were flatter lies to begin with and may not need as much work. More or less thinking about the woods which I expect they would be flatter then mens woods. Any comments would be appreciated.

While I have never done it, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but it depends on the clubs. The only place where I could see that saving time is just in lie angles, and I am not even sure they would be much flatter because the clubs were probably designed to be shorter in length. But there is nothing wrong with picking up a set and giving it a try.
Again in completely depends on the clubs, but my wife has a set of old irons that would play terribly if I tried to make them my own and it would take a ton of work. She has a set of old woods too and they don’t look very good.
Shop around and you might find something that will work well though. good luck