Classic gear in the wet

Lag, TM, or anyone else . . . can you give me some advice on wet weather play with old/classic grips, etc. I’ve been using older gear now for about a year, and find my older grips (which are awesome in the dry) really slippery. Iv’e tried afew gloves, but don’t really like them. Also, I carry my bag, and was wondering if you had any tips or old school tour tips to keeping your gear dry or not slippery. Even simple stuff like, do you use an umbrella when carrying? A rain jacket? A hat? I know this sounds banal and straight forward, but I’d really appreciate any advice or recommendations.

wabi . . .

I carry a ziplock bag full of paper towels and wrap a fresh one around the grip each full shot.

I also have that Dry Hands lotion stuff, but the paper towels work better.

Great thing about the towels is usually the halfway house carries them if you’re caught without.

so you hit the shot with the paper towel on the grip? Like the old cotton hankerchief technique?
Yesterday I played a comp in the rain, and for the first time, I just didn’t try to stay dry. I think in a way it worked better . . . I think sometimes it’s too distracting and energy consuming to use an umbrella (esp. in the wind, which is always where I play next to the ocean). So I didn’t use a rain jacket or umbrella, just a pair of wet weather gloves (which were ok, but not ideal . . . i was still slipping abit). Because I carry my gear, i’'m also conscious of not making my bag too heavy to lug around.

. . . oh, and I’'m using golf pride tour wraps on my apex’s, which are excellent in the dry, but don’t tolerate ANY amount of moisture from sweat or rain . . . and the original rubber grips on my prosimmon woods, which are old and hard (which I like) but once again really slippery when wet. It gets pretty humid where I live, so this is an ongoing, year round issue for me. Should I be looking at replacing my grips with full cord? etc (I much prefer not using any glove when I play).

Yep, hit the shot with the paper towel around, then pop it in the bin.

100% agree with you regarding wet weather. I personally love it when it rains on the course and I let myself get drenched on purpose–the more you embrace it, the less it bothers. It seems silly we can enjoy a shower or swim but dislike a bit of rain. I just feel alive being in nature like this and the course becomes even more like an opponent who ups his game for a bit.

As long as I can grip the club, which the towels allow, I’m fine. Also persimmon drivers have decent grooves on the face so I don’t get that ‘splat’ and horrible trajectory I used to get with modern drivers in the wet.

I’m also looking around for some grips at the moment which are soft so I can get rid of gloves for good (but not too soft so that feel is lost) and decent enough in wet that I only have to bother with paper towels when the rain really hits hard.

Cords are fine for wet but why suffer cords throughout 90% of the times when the weather is fine.

Really good stuff Steb… I never thought of it that way! I tend to look at playing in the rain as a bit of a hassle.

I played one of my best tournament rounds of 2010 in a VERY strong rain for 12 holes (using a good set of FJ rain gloves - the kind that grip better the more wet they are), but mentally I assure you I wasn’t in the same “place” that you get.

Good advice.



yeah, I like this attitude too. It’s summer here in oz, so I normally wear a UPF 50+ ‘rashie’ under my short sleeve shirt. These things are designed for water, so it doesn’t feel so weird wearing them in the rain. I’ve thought about a thicker version for winter . . . i’ve seen afew semi wet-suit type shirts (not too thick) that may work ok.

I’ve not got around to bying a short sleave water vest type thing. There is a NZ brand called Stay Dri which make a REALLY light weight waterproof shortsleeve top that would be perfect to shove into your carry bag.

My bag is pretty waterproof. It’s made from heavy nylon . . . but I think water gets in through the zippers and seams. I’ve also picked up this waterproof cover for a Ben Hogan cart bag that actually has a hole for the strap . . . I can put it on my carry bag and still carry it around. however, I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle and effort. Perhaps best to just totally embrace ‘the wet’.

Cord grips for me… for that reason…
the older they get… the more the rubber wears away and the more cord in the grip.
wrapping a hank around the grip can help if things get really wet.

I agree, trying to fight it is tough. If you have a caddy then things are much easier… but doing it all on your own…

The hitting technique I encourage allows for much firmer grip pressures so no need for golf gloves. Firm in the fingers
free in the wrists… that is the key. Students here learn how to train the wrists to do that. It’s really one of the key things
that separates top golfers from the pack. I have a few tests I give to students when I work with them in person… and it is very rare that a student passed the three tests. When Bradley was here, not to any surprise he just breezed through it.
That was fun to see…

Very rare I ever hear a teacher or discussion about proper hand attitudes, grip pressures, and wrist protocols.

great thoughts here about how to approach playing in the rain, definitely sounds like there would be an edge to be found in applying them - i’m in :slight_smile:

carrying a towel to use to stop the rain running down your neck might be a plan - i can see ‘embracing the elements’ but might draw the line at having a cold wet arse for 3 hours :slight_smile: