Classic Club Bonanza!

Met the Santa Claus of Vintage golf who coincidentally lives exactly due north from me about 20 miles… right in line with the North Pole.

Had a nice afternoon, and evening trading and cherry picking some really wonderful stuff… and I learned a lot about repair, and what some other sets that I hadn’t seen before.

I bought some First Flight Persimmons … two complete sets that were out of this world. 50’s stuff… that apparently Tony Penna did the designs. As nice as any MacGregor stuff I have ever seen.

He has about 30 real R20’s … so I am going to buy all of them as I can afford. Everyone should have one of these.
There is no better SW ever made in the history of the game. There are some nice looking SW’s out there now, but they are fairway clubs… not made for the sand like these things. Remember, the ball never touches the club (hopefully :confused: ) when you are hitting a bunker shot, so do not let the dots scare you off.

I am going to buy 12 to start off… so get your orders in to me asap if interested. $100 a pop. I sold one to Gregg McHatton in the 80’s for $300… because he knew he was getting a deal back then.

Wow… some of them looked so shiny…

Did you buy the R7? :laughing:

Remember Arnie… DEEEEEEP DEEEEEEP Breaths! :wink:


Hilarious! I can just see Arnie nipping out to the shops for some milk for the breakfast, and heading down to Heathrow instead… “I wont be long, Dear”
Man, is that a great looking stash…

an instant classic!!

a BIG LOL from me…

I know you probably didn’t have time to take all these clubs in but attached a photo with arrows and circles below

  1. What is the wood with the arrow?..very interesting sole plate

  2. The ones circled look like new…Clevelands? MacGregors

I spoke with Lag after he had witnessed this pro shop for ABS’ers and he was more than excited about the find…great stuff


Ouch my head, what happened…!?! I was flicking through the new threads on ABS and suddenly everything went black… :confused:

TAXI… :laughing:

I plan to save all of these pics just so anyone who thinks I (or Arnie) need to audition for the golf episode of “Hoarders” I can show them this! And…Arnie - no, you weren’t hit by a truck and awoke in “Heaven”.

What a great looking find! I love the TV going in the background in pic one (in the high and right slice section) and the cans of paint low and left (in the snipe hook area). The fairways of that garage seem to be where all the goodies are… just like in the real game!


He’s not a hoarder…because he said everything is for sale… for a price!
I mean there were two boxes of full green victory cord grips! I’m all over those!

I don’t think I saw everything… amazing collection… and he knew the story and history of every club.
The big discover for me was how pure the “First Flight” persimmons where. I bought two sets.

That sole plate with the grooves was some thing from the 40’s. Anyone interested, I can take pictures and get a price.

Here are some more of those grips for those interested. Not much time left.

Hi Lag,

It appears I can’t have bought an original r20 or r90 sand wedge. Do you have any left for sale from when you bought a few last year?


I do think I have a couple left…

Just haven’t put them up on \agbay… need to keep a few surprises in store!

Oh, I see, it’s like that is it. :wink:

Interesting that this thread got bumped. I posted some short video clips and discussions with Mike, the “Santa Claus” whose collection is featured in this thread over at . Plenty to learn from Mike for those who love classic gear.