Classic blades brought back to life! Eye Candy!

Just wanted to share with you guys this fellows iron collection…BEAUTIFUL!!

I want his Hogan’s Parmaker!! ‘Drool’

Anyways, if you get time, scroll thru his collection that he has. Its been refinished, but work is TOP NOTCH!

Makes you appreciate how wonderful these classic blades look and even more appreciative when you can hit them with a ruling command!


He has additional links on the right side of his webpage as well…

Here is few samples of his sets.

Wow, that’s even more impressive than the collection under my bed.

Sweet :sunglasses:


I can’t believe how beautiful some of these sets are. Does anyone know the story? Some of them have prices for sale. Some of them are brand new with the stickers still on the face.

My favourite sets aesthetically speaking:

Mizuno Tour Proven 2000
Bridgestone Pro Model
Jack Nicklaus Bear Grind
MacGregor Tourney MT MTR2

Those are remarkable. I love the last set. Too pretty to play.

Speaking of Eye Candy, these BirdonBalls are up on Ebay right now. I have a BirdonBall set that John ABSed for me that is a flatback and says “The Shark” on the back that John said was one of the prettiest blades he had ever seen. These are beautiful too. I stole mine for $99 several years ago. I bet these go for well over $500. … 3a8b827bf6

Looks like they are from 1988-1993 based on this article…

Nice looking set. Spaulding is often overlooked as mentioned in the article.
Remember the Spalding “Dot” ball? My favorite for a long time.

They didn’t sell. Ended at the starting bid $230.

I worked at a course about 5 years ago that had a shipping container FULL of old sets. My boss kept them for depreciation tax benefits. There was one set of blades 1-PW that distinctly remember in a matte black/gunmetal finish. The Pros took out the 1iron one night and were showing me how much they could bend it, almost made the ball look like a boomerang.

If I’m ever back in that neck of the woods I’ll definitely be asking to take a look. Could be some reeeaaally sweet finds.

Do you guys play old balls like the Spalding? I have buckets of old balls. Anything I should look for specifically?

This site may have been shared before but it just has too many unique and incredible golf clubs not to pass on to you all:

Check out the Adjustable section… :smiley: