Chris Patton

What ever happened to him?
Use to compete with Jon and Brad
Just remember him cause of his enormous size and delicate skills for a big man
Won a US Am long time

He must have been one of the first guys to use a belly putter unintentional

I thought that was Craig Stadler who was unintentionally first? :smiling_imp:

Chris shot I think 34 under par in the Winnipeg Open if I remember right. I think at the time it was an all time record for the lowest 72 hole under par scoring in a pro event globally. Maybe still stands… I don’t know. Just incredible stuff. I will always have great respect for him for that accomplishment. It was a decent golf course also. I suppose if I had done that I would just put the clubs down and take up a new hobby.

I think it was 1992 Manitoba Open at Breezy Bend. where I hacked it around few times.

Here is an interesting article on Chris from early in his career… … /index.htm

Chris is on the Golf channel show “Chasing the Dream” right now… he is helping one of the Biershenk boys try to make a new start at a pro career.