This is not off topic and it involves every person on this planet every time they breathe or touch anything. … pmpolitics

On topic I’ve never been comfortable not knowing what chemicals are being used on golf courses I play. And I NEVER lick a dirty golf ball or get my hands near food or my mouth while I’m on a golf course. In order to keep the grass green, which most of the time it shouldn’t be (see Lag anywhere…) there is stuff being used which I’m surprised doesn’t make us glow in the dark. What goes on over our heads and behind our backs makes my blood run cold.

Had a neighbor die from cancer apparently from the DDT contaminated soil on the land they lived on.

Yes, pretty scary but hard to avoid, so I just try to minimize exposure when it doesn’t take too much away from life.

Like I try to buy organic when I can, won’t use air fresheners or chemical cleaning agents, and moved into the country partly to get away from the pollution in Sydney, but I’m probably getting overdosed on the golf course and from surrounding farms. Rarely use a cellphone and won’t go near a microwave oven, but I’m constantly getting swamped by WiFi in my house, and two large monitors 14 hours a day. Maybe I’ll live an extra day?

Thankfully my golf club can’t afford fertilizer.

I wonder if Trackman users will end up with cancer?

I’m getting ready to move back to the country too. I mean I’m as proactive as they come but Christ what’s the world coming to. You can try to be smart but we’re all in the same goldfish bowl. It’s enough to turn anyone into a candidate for a funny farm.