Casio Ex F1 camera for sale- Super Slow Motion!

I’m selling my Casio EX F1 and thought I would give members here the first shot before I list it on EBay. I would rather sell it for less to someone here than pay fees on EBay.
For some reason I can’t figure out the downloading of pictures on this site, so please email me if you are interested and I can send pictures and answer any questions.
This is the best camera to have for super slow motion and looking at your golf swing. I recently had it serviced a month ago as it was having an issue recording and they replaced the powerboard. They also cleaned the camera inside and out, as well as adjusting anything that needed it. I have the warranty on repairs which is still good for about two more months and comes with the camera, camera bag, as well as battery charger, two batteries, a memory card, a couple of cords, and the original box.
With this repair it is basically like a new camera because the powerboard is the main part of the camera. There is a minor cosmetic nick on one part of the camera which does not effect the camera at all. There is also one other function I forgot to have them fix, but again this does not effect the camera or viewing your swing at all.
The only reason I’m selling it is I need the money now, but I will certainly buy another one of these in the future when I have the extra spending money.
If you are interested shoot me an email at and I can send pictures, answer questions, or explain in more detail.
Hate to let this camera go.

can you post asking price?

I am asking $750 and I will ship free inside US. These usually go for around $900 on Ebay.