Can you guess this sequence?

Lag & Two probably will spit up their beverages looking at this. Can anyone guess who this is?

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I don’t think I have ever seen such vertical shoulders at P4. Also huge club throw dtl with pivot stall. Sort of reminds me of an extreme version of Rory.

Here’s a hint; He has double digit wins on the PGA vs the like of Palmer, Young Nicklaus and Trevino; Added another double digit wins on the Senior PGA.

No hint needed with that unmistakable upper back arch. Those steep shoulders really must have gorged the ground.

That looks like the 1969 Masters Champ to me…The high-water pants and confirming big nose were the clues for me…

Notice the sticks on the ground for alignment which they sell for $20.00 now ha ha!

Man you guys are good here… Yep, George Archer. 12 PGA tour wins and 19 Senior Tour wins. One major.

I was trying to find some swing vids of this guy (impossible) and came across these pics that I just made into a quick sequence.

Here’s a clip of George showing his swing on a bunker shot and an interseting close up of his putt rolling on the Augusta greens in 1969. Looks pretty true! You’ll have to wait through the commercial.—By-George/videos

Full swing here: