Can I use a golf ball to play ping pong table tennis?

The post’s title is showing my question what I’m going to ask. Please let me know. Otherwise suggest some ping pong balls. Thanks!

Lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy: I cannot stopy my laugh; oh mu GOD​:joy::joy: who you’re? Are you crazy?

If there size is same but golf ball’s weight is 46 g and ping pong balls has a mass of 2.6 gram. Lol; how it coul d be possible to play. You’re suggested to buy Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls that are good to play.

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What’s the point? Just try it, but ping pong balls work pretty well.

Reminds me of a point I made on here back in the day, that the modern tech game is a bit like playing tennis on a ping pong table. The British Open really gives that feeling, especially when it’s playing hard and fast, sad to see those great courses basically ‘played over the top of’ for the week - all they need is tee boxes and greens really.

:joy: he is beginner I think and he should use a ball with a diameter of 40mm like Recreational 1-Star Ping-Pong Balls that is best for beginners. :joy:

could you please tell m more about this ball? where can I get that. Thanks!

yeah sure dear, you can buy it directly from Amazon, but if you want to know why you should buy that, read reviews and articles.