Byron Nelson Tourney irons


I know someone who has a set of Byron Nelson Tourney irons (2 through 9 minus the 8) sitting in their garage. There are two grooves machined lengthwise across the backs of the blades upon which Rec No 185T is also printed.

Were these quality irons in their day ?

Would these by any chance have the green pyratone shafts in them?
You might have a buyer here!

I hadn’t taken the clubs off the rack in the garage the first time I saw them.
Upon taking them down, they do appear to show their age!
The set contains the 2-9 irons, without the 6 iron.
My apologies in advance lag!

I’d give them a good bath in CLR, and then see what they look like.

Shafts look shot.

See if you can clean up the heads… they might be worth saving.