Byron Nelson Persimmon Driver tried by PGA Tour Stars

Thanks Robbo for this great article! :astonished:


I love that quote

“…Then about 25 years ago- without a vote- a triumiverate of consumers, manufacturers and The United States Golf Association changed golf from an ART to a track and field event”

Thanks Two Masters for the lovely article.
By the way, will you be headed down to the Barclays Singapore Open this year?

I’m surprised that Vijay could only poke it out there 254 with a modern ball. I can easily hit it farther than that with a Pro V1 and my persimmon sticks.

Perhaps thats mainly carry, some of those ranges don’t have much run on them. I can get mine out over 250 sometimes but I reckon not much more than 200 of that is carry.

Cheers, Arnie