Bubba Watson's 79

Anyone catch Bubba’s 79 and post round interview yesterday?

He doesn’t like East Lake because he gets too many flyers from the rough.

What advice could we give him?


Missed that…like what Hogan’s wife said to him when he was complaining he wasn’t putting well…“Hit the ball closer then”
the rough doesn’t just jump out and grab your ball…there is an easy solution… be in the fairway more often

That’s what struck me. Bubba’s not the brightest bulb, but it didn’t even occur to him that the solution to his problem might be to focus more on hitting fairways. His analysis was that he couldn’t slow his swing down enough to get rid of the flyer. I guess he’s so used to “bomb and gouge” that he couldn’t realize that the course was asking him for something else.Therefore, he’s decided that the course is flawed and he can’t play it.

East Lake is a good walk UN-spoiled. It’s self contained; you’re not walking from one end of a subdivision to another. The holes and challenges are understated, not gaudy. It has short walks from greens to next tees. You play strategic golf, not Pete Dye “make a par or pick up” golf. For a world class player to miss the enjoyment of this course is just a shame.

Comments like this from a millionaire golf pro are exactly why I don’t find myself tuning into golf on TV each week.
Wasn’t Bubba the guy complaining earlier this year at the French Open about poor conditions and crowd control?

What happened to the concept of just being happy waking up in the morning?

Bubba is impressive to watch when he is ON because he works the ball probably more than anyone on tour AND is stupid long. Can be darn impressive. BUT I have seen early signs of this whining several times when things don’t go well for him. Not Tiger type swearing but blaming everything else but himself. Crowds, course, etc. Hate to see it. I can see it any given day at the many golf courses near me, I don’t need to see pro’s making millions complaining. ESPECIALLY about a course! Instead of stepping to a challenge he just blames poor course design for his woes.

Wouldn’t doubt it was him at French Open. Rory also made similar comments about European golf courses and how the PGA is more suitable for his “style”. “Style” meaning bomb/wedge way around course. If straight for the weekend no one will beat me, if off I just have to work little harder to save par’s with modern grooves out of short “rough”. If saving par’s doesn’t work I just blame course design.

For as much as I enjoy watching pro’s do their thing in all sports, it seems Pro Golfers have gotten the most laziest and spoiled considering they are not physically messed with by opponents for several hours and only break sweat if it is hot/humid out.

I suppose ignorance is bliss… but I just don’t see what people find interesting about watching bomb and gouge golf. I always liked watching or even on occasion participating in long drive contests. To me that is the proper venue, and the place where the frying pans should shine and find their legitimate home. It’s interesting to see how far some of these guys can drive the ball with that as the only objective. It’s a viable sport unto itself with it’s own set of parameters, technique and equipment.