Brittany Lincicome

Not sure if you guys have checked out her swing before, but it’s got some really strong stuff in it in- great transition, a really nice club drop, great load and hold in the right leg, strong move through impact, etc. She can hit it too…
Lag/Twomasters, I was thinking of starting a thread about ‘good modern swings’ or something to that effect. I’m not sure if you guys want these types of swings in the ‘swing sequences’ thread. Let me know, or feel free to put this, Manessero, Rory etc. in a new thread… whatever works for you guys…
BL- FO.jpg
BL- DTL.jpg

Wow…good stuff Bom. Never paid attention to her before.

I especially like the third photo down.

That position is a head above the crowd in more ways than one! :slight_smile: RR


the above link is open for any swings…modern old or in between.
There are a bunch of swings in there already of many players who are not talked about that often in ABS speech, but there are no bars on the windows here. Everyone is free to post whatever they want barring slanderous attacks…so if you think it’s good…whip it in the swing sequence link for all to dissect and see
I think it is cool to see any swing and see what makes it tick…especially for the students here at ABS who are now armed with a wealth of information about the how/why & whats of the swing

She can putt too. Currently T 7 in putts per GIR at 1.77.