Bringing Them Back to Life

Today I picked up three very dear old friends – my PowerBilt Citation persimmons (D, 3, 5).
Mike did the refinishing and they are now as beautiful as when they were born. Maybe even more so.

I obtained these brand new, right off the sales rack in the pro shop of the club of my youth in Tennessee, in about 1972 (as best as I remember).
I was playing high school golf, and my dad (and my golf coach) thought I had developed my game enough to appreciate moving from some old and rather beat up Wilson Strata-Blocs to persimmons.

I had been eyeing them for a while, and some of the better golfers at the club, including my H.S. golf coach (he held the course record of 61), gamed PB persimmons.

My best golf ever was played with these clubs (including three 69’s one summer in the mid-70s).
They mean a lot to me.

So, I gave them to Lag who routed them to Mike a few weeks back because I knew that they would truly appreciate what these clubs could mean to a person. And they treated them as special as these clubs truly are.
Mike emailed me during the restoration process to tell me how the wood looked once he cleaned them up and what kinds of stains might really take well to the wood — we chose the final stain together. [Thanks for that…]

Thanks, Mike, for the wonderful care and quality craftsmanship that you put into my old friends.

Thanks, Lag, for your stewardship of persimmon golf in the modern age.
Refinished PowerBilts2014_5.JPG
Refinished PowerBilts2014_4.JPG

Gorgeous. And the sentimentality make them invaluable. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! They look fantastic!