Bradley Hughes talks the Drills!

Here’s the latest episode we did with Bradley Hughes ! Bradley really explains the drills/mods and the Board. It’s an excellent episode. Cheers !

This is a excellent podcast. For those of us who have not had the chance to get to know Brad Hughes and John Erickson in person, these podcast interviews are invaluable insights into what they teach, why they teach it, the stories behind the drills, and thus gives all of us students more insight into what we as students should be doing within the drills. Thx, Jesse! (aka Flaghuntersgolfpod).

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Thank you John !
Each Drill represents a movement pattern that, over time WILL change the dynamics of your swing motion ! In my opinion, John and Bradley are two of the finest instructors in the world. Their knowledge and how to explain the movements is simple and easy to understand.