Bradley Hughes Interview

Here’s an interview with Twomasters from Ralph Perez’s Gotham Golf Blog.

You should also check out Two’s website, I think one of the most interesting and refreshing golf websites out there.

This quote from Two stood out for me:
‘The dream is still alive as not all my goals have been reached. I still believe I have many dreams to reach. I won’t share them as they are MY dreams and if I tell them to someone then they become their dreams too… NEVER let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something. Never share your dreams… make them your own.’

I think we are very fortunate to have Two here at ABS to help us along our journey. Thanks, Two.

Nice interview Ralph and Bradley.

Bradley it’s always great to here your thoughts. As many have said before we are very lucky to have you here.

Cheers, Arnie

…and we would be estatic if you could hook us all up with a good pair of shoes! :laughing:

Loved the story about sleeping on the range, and then getting up at sunrise to hit more balls. I don’t think even Hogan did that. :sunglasses:

Excellent interview!

I love hearing Bradley and Lag both describe actual rounds of tournament play… it’s like I’m sitting in the grill after a round with my buddies. :slight_smile:



I just watched the long youtube video of Bradley playing in the President’s cup. Hughes-Price Vs. Love-Couples. Great video, awesome stuff!!!

Bradley and I discussing the TRGA Las Vegas Classic … january-23

That was a really enjoyable interview. Thanks Rod, John, and Bradley.