Bombing the Driver!... a critical look

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Nice seeing the forum back up and running, it’s been ages since I’ve been here and I was pleasantly surprised to see it back today. I’ve always enjoyed this place and appreciate the vintage gear.

Driving the ball accurately is much more enjoyable than far. I moved to UT recently and made the journey to play Soldier Hollow the other day. It’s a long, modern course and was very windy. I had no idea that the UT State Am was being played there the next week. I was happy to find I was paired with two men playing practice rounds for the state am. I was shocked that I played toe to toe with them with my clubs that are older than my father… Being able to drive the ball well in the wind was a huge advantage. One of the guys that qualified lost many golf balls due to erratic driving and I assume he had a tough week up there.

They were very kind and told me they enjoyed watching me hit the old persimmons (laminates actually) and commented on how hard it must be. I tried to explain to them honestly that it is not nearly as hard as they would think, but they weren’t buying that. Anyway, it was fun to play with some good players and play well with the old stuff.

Feels like I’m close to shooting some good scores. We’ll see - I might play a tournament this fall with the vintage gear and see how it goes. 3 day deal with 2 day cut.

Hope you all are well - like I said, nice to see this place back up.


Good to see you back as well!
The old site died because the program language the forum software was written on basically was thrown under the bus of tech advancement. Newer operating systems, browsers, iphones wouldn’t support it. All the “experts” I talk to said it was not possible to modernize it.

Ironically enough, it was an ABS student William Hanisch who figured out how to salvage the databases, images etc… and migrate them to this new and modern software. A miracle really. Everyone should thank William, because he did this singlehanded. Paul Vandeloo worked on moving the Modules to a great new teaching platform designed specifically for instruction. Neil (NRG) is helping with the student relations… and Justin Tang, an ABS pro from Singapore worked a lot of the content into newer social media platforms and brought things back to life. It’s been amazing to see the strength of the ABS community outside of just flushing 1 irons and vintage persimmons.

It’s a blessing for us all… again… thanks guys!


Welcome back k2, good to see you posting again.

K2 - I’m down in Vegas. If you ever come down this way give me a shout.

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Absolutely. Especially in the winter I may need to head south to play a round so I’m not stir crazy. Hope you’re doing well, Les

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As you said Neil, “the ball has to go somewhere!”

You would have thought they would have grown the rough up the left hand side. Seems most just aimed miles left and hoped for the best.

What line do you typically take on the 17th?

The ‘O’ on Old.