Bob Rotella

While I had heard of Rotella for years, I had never read any of his books. A friend made a positive remark about him last year, and got me interested. I ordered a book, which lead to another,and another, etc. Rather quickly, I read, or listened, to almost all of his stuff.

A Golfer’s Mind
The Unstoppable Golfer
Putting Of of Your Mind
The Golf of Your Dreams
The Golf of Your Dreams
The Bob Rotella CD Collection
Life Is Not a Game of Perfect

His background and personality come out in his books. He is likable, practical, and clear. He has been very effective. He has coached 74 major champions on the men’s women’s and senior tours. He seems to have a knack for helping people play their best golf, and his book, Life Is Not a Game of Perfect, while not a golf book, is worth a read by anyone.

Shortly after taking the game up again this past Summer, I read Golf is a Game of Confidence.
It is a great book.

Putting Out of Your Mind is one of the best golf books ever, I know a number of people who it has helped a lot.

Rotella is very good. I spent 8 hours at his house one day (2005) talking, chatting, discussing, eating pizza, drinking… One of the best things I did in regards to my golf. He didnt change anything just re-inforced things I already knew but had hidden in my belief or frame of mind. Really enjoyed his books & tapes & spending personal time with him put some icing on the cake.