Bill Melhorn

Over on the Hogan Secret thread on Secret in the Dirt, where, by the way, we need more ABSers, mention was made of Bill Melhorn. Of course, I had heard of the guy, but never studied him. Turns out there is a website where his book Golf’s Secrets Exposed is being sold. Anyone ever read it? Is it worth buying? There is also a grass sickle complete with a graphite shaft. Don’t know why they did that, but swinging a grass sickle seems like a great way to feel Mod 3.

Here is the website:

Barkow did a “one on one” interview with Mehlhorn in his book “Gettin to the Dance Floor”
It’s a must read for anyone serious about golf history and classic golf instruction.

Mehlhorn hated upright gear, and said “Golf should be played from about a 45 degree angle”.

I have “Golf Secrets Exposed” that Mehlhorn wrote with Bobby Shave, and it’s a fantastic read if you enjoy stories of the greats of golf from the 20’s- 60’s. It’s been a number of years since I purchased the book, but when I called the number on website I got Bobby Shave directly and he is a real gentleman and a pleasure to speak with.

Mehlhorn shares stories of playing golf with Vardon, Armour, Jones, and his interaction with all of the golf legends in the “golden age” of golf. He also goes into detail about the formation of the PGA tour, along with his early days as an apprentice and hand-making hickory shafts and leather grips.

He talks a lot about “naturalness “ in the golf swing and makes comparisons to hitting a baseball along with other sport movement.

At the end of the book there are 150 quotes by Mehlhorn and a couple that will sound familiar to readers of this forum:
“The follow through is more important than the backswing” and, “In my day all of the top players tried to get the club approaching impact to be as flat as possible. I don’t like the term flat, but most people use that term in golf.”

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours, with Mr. Mehlhorn when I was playing college golf for Bryant College (now University) back in the early 80’s with then future PGA Tour Member Jim Hallet . We played against Flordia International University at Fontainebleau Golf Club, Mr. Mehlhorn’s home club. At that time he was in his 80’s, but still sharp as a tack. He was quite a character and loved to talk golf, especially to those that had an appreciation for golf history. Outiside of me at the time, I would bet not many college kids knew who Bobby Cruickshank, Johnny Farrell or Craig Wood was let alone Tommy Armour or Mac Smith. He like the fact that I did.

drewitgolf, thanks for sharing that. In an instructional DVD that Bobby Shave put out after the “Golf Secrets Exposed” book he comments that Mehlhorn had a photographic memory and his recall of people, tournaments, events, etc, well up into his 80’s was phenomenal.
Sounds like you got to experience that first-hand talking with him.