Bill Dunk 5 time Australian PGA Champ (ABS Exclusive)

Our long awaited Billy Dunk interview. (Part 1 of 4)

Billy’s attitude, paraphrased a bit:…
It’s an easy game.
Your best shots come after your worst.
Your apprehension makes it difficult for you.
You just hit it from here to there.
Rod asked if it was about “Stop whinging and get on with it?” Billy laughed, “Yeah.”
Thanks to John, Rod, and Billy.
Really looking forward to the next installment.

Really are some golden gems in this interview. Interesting in how he didn’t feel he picked up any distance with the modern gear.
Same thing Bradley experience back in the late 90’s. It helps out some players more than others pick up distance. I would surmise that Dunk was not interested in changing his swing to fit the modern frying pans. Dunk also mentioned that he felt equipment in general is very overrated.

Bill Dunk Part 2


am I missing something here - it indicates that there are 4 parts, I can only see 2???
Any ideas anyone?

Clearly my slender Buddhist friend, you are not worthy. :wink:

Captain Chaos

yes, capt, I’m taking humble steps on the road to enlightenment - don’t tell me…I’ve gotta earn my way to part 3 as well!

I think only the first 2 parts have been edited and posted at this point…sort of like the Lord of The Rings…make them all at once and serve when ready :smiley:

This is a great interview… and yes, thanks for reminding me… I will post the next part here soon!

Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Mr Dunk was very lavish in his praise of Charlie Siffords golf, saying he was one of the best he’d ever played with, which obviously makes me look at the vault again. What a strong flat torso rotation he had - something to aspire to!

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Bill Dunk Part 3 and 4