Better to reshaft or extend vintage irons?

What does extending do to the feel? Will it change the way rocket shafts feel?

Not significantly IMO. I’ve done it and it works fine. Adds a little weight to the back of the club, but nothing crazy. Extending also increases the swing weight, of course.

Reshafting really old irons is a serious chore, nothing like reshafting modern clubs. Only do it if you need to.

As someone who is 6’5” and has had to do this exact thing a lot, I would say extend rather than replace the shafts. The TT Rocket shafts (depending on the band color) are very heavy and stiff, owing to how thick the walls are, really different profile and feel than anything they currently make. Extending may also change the feel a bit, since you’re moving the bend point farther from your hands, but I’ve never noticed a significant difference

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