Best Mizuno irons ?


I’m a big fan of mizuno equipment.
Anyone who know how much the swing weight differs from old mizuno blade irons compared to the new ones e.g MP-33, MP-37, MP-68 and so on?
Any other mizuno fan that can share their experience on what they think is the best mizuno blade.

Today I have a MP-58 set and a MP-30 set. Both have regular and light weight shafts and I wan’t to switch to heavy and stiff shafts.


MP-33 with DG S300 - swing weights were all D0 (38.5" 4i, less 1/2" per iron).

I am reshafting with R300 and adding (a lot of) tip weights to get swing weight up to D2.


Adding weight and at the same time going to a R shaft may turn out to be a bad combo as putting weight in the heads will make it feel like ladies shaft. Most people will go the other way when adding weight to the heads.

What about a set of MP-33 with Dynamic Gold Sensicore S400? Is this a decent set to work with?
It is not easy to get old blade irons in Sweden.

I have a set of those mp33 with s400 & bent 4* flat; heads & shafts in nice conditions; grips ok; that you could have for £100 + postage from UK if that is any help


I play MP14s, S400 shafts hardstepped 1x… but here’s the kicker…

I play 2, 3, and 4 hybrids and 5i-LW irons (5i-PW being the MP14s).

5i-8i cut to 36", all at 56* lie angle and a 4* loft separation.
9i-LW cut to 34", all at 58* lie angle and 4* loft separation.
Swing weight is D4 across the board.

Best irons I’ve played to date… love 'em.

Fantastic feel and a little bit of offset, but not too much. Nice look to 'em too… if you like lead tape and burnt hosels (like I do!).

I play 68’s. Nice irons, but not much different from older offerings. As a lefty, they were my only Mizuno option, but you should be able to get 14’s or 33’s or 29’s or whatever you prefer pretty cheap.

The 68’s are very nice as far as modern blades go. I am getting ready to put x200’s in mine.

Anyone that have a either a set MP-14 or MP-29 for sale?
I have got an offer for a set of MP-33 that looks fine but there might be more Mizuno sets for sale ?!