Best classic irons ever?

Haven’t seen this discussion in a while. Obviously, this is largely a matter of personal preference, but let’s keep it to pre-1980 to narrow the scope slightly.


For my money, I’m a huge fan of the '67 Persussions with the 2.5" hosel. Really nice, classic look to them. Perform beautifully…CoG a little lower on the clubhead. I plan on getting mine re-done with new shafts from the Iron Factory.


I’m not sure any public release from any era was ever made to a good pro ball striking standard.
I think most great players have significantly manipulated their gear from what is being offered in the pro shops stock.

The best stock club I have come across is a 62 Haig Ultra set. The MacGregor M85’s with stock #1 propel shafts are right there too.

I like the shape too of a lot of Hogan grinds, but they are light, and need alteration. I think the Bounce Sole 1+ are just a great looking clean blade to the eye. Throw a half a roll of lead tape on the back and off you go.

The Dyna Button Backs are a great looking meaty muscle back blade. Hard to not feel confident looking down at that.

I really like some of the Spalding stuff too… particularly the "Bird on the Ball, and the 50’s low profile tournament model heads.

Too much to mention really… so many great blades…

Arnie knows.

Re: lag’s post - I didn’t necessarily mean that they had to be “stock” irons. I just meant, if it’s the last round of your life and you had your pick of any one iron set to play with, with any modifications you may deem necessary, which set of irons would you use? I doubt there are many people on this forum that use purely stock sticks.

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Do you have pics of those Haig Ultra 2s that you are referring to? I don’t know enough about that company’s models to be able to tell the difference between model years.


May not be a vintage classic, but I have to go with the MacGregor Muirfield 20th- so pure… maybe it’s because they were my first set of blades- leather grips and all.
Though having said that, I still haven’t found the absolutely ‘perfect’ set of blades… I have them in my mind though…

I have I think 18 different sets of Wilson Staff irons. I grew up playing a set of 1968 Dynapowers. I like the Wilson '62 Turfriders A LOT. But to me, nothing beats a mid 1970’s Staff Tour Blade simple, elegant w/o a bunch of graphics and crap on the back. Slap some X-100’s and some leather grips, and LFF.


Love the 62 Turfriders…

I have a set of them… not in great shape… but they play great.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Macgregor Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tourney 985 yet. I think that’s my favorite looking set, ever. I have never hit them (yet), so perhaps my vote shouldn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t Wilson make all of the Haig stuff back in the day?