Since yesterday, I’ve noticed that the website seems unresponsive. Would be awful to lose this site, especially all those old iron specs!

I got this off that site. As I checked the other models that had specs, they were practically the same as this, except for the 7iron - which was 37 loft for most, and the PW - which went lower for some, 50(?) loft, maybe even lower. The 2i spec should read 39.25 length.

Anyway, I think their lofts and lengths, at least for the earlier years, were pretty similar.

Its a pitty that the decision to kill of Hogan Golf was in the hands of Callaway Golf (of the Great Big Berthas and Grand Daddy Grooves fame).

IMO, Callaway is the worst, even worse than Ping.


I remember back in college I was working part time in a golf shop… and I remembered when the Hogan Radial came in… and I thought at that point the company was over. To me that was an unacceptable release, and I lost respect for the company right there. I know later they came out with the Red Lines and some other… more or less… re tooling of some other sets…

But how much better can you make an iron than a classic Apex, Bounce Sole, or PT series?

Callaway owning the name Hogan?

Talk about spinning in your grave. :smiling_imp:

If you go on eBay, there’s always a ton of Radial sets available online.

The company could have easily succeeded today had there been a better vision once Hogan was done with the Company. Mizuno puts out one line of GI irons, one line of Player CB’s and one line of blades each product cycle. They make an underrated driver by modern driver standards. They make some solid wedges and used to make some nice putters…but Bob Bettinardi left to make his own putter company. They also used to have Scotty Cameron making their putters before he left for Titleist.

Still, Mizuno shows that you can be a company known for making clubs for the better player and still succeed. Hogan was the first to make a forged cavity back and always knew how to make blades. But they seemed to want to go with only one line of irons so when the Radials came along, that was pretty much it until the next line of irons came along. Then they have the crappy H40’s, etc.

You can really thank Callaway for the modern driver. Their metal drivers had foam inside the head and the foam would wear out after about 6 months and the head would go completely dead on you. I had a 3-wood that I hit extremely well that did that to me. What was worse is I had the driver as well but couldn’t hit it at all. We measured the flex of the graphite shafts, the 3-wood measured X-stiff like it was supposed to and the driver measured ladies stiff.

Had a friend who had some Callaway irons and their lofts were wayyy off and he couldn’t bend them because they were not forged. Their Odyssey putters are really bad IMO.

I remember a friend of mine, who was a long-time Hogan irons fan, calling me when Callaway bought out Hogan and he was really happy because he felt that Callaway had the money to return Hogan to its former glory. I was less optimistic figuring if Callaway can’t make quality products out of their line of equipment, what makes anybody think they will make a quality product with another company’s line of products? And we know the rest of that story.

I don’t hate Karsten Solheim as he was a small time equipment guy who had some interesting thoughts on equipment and a lot of his thoughts were due to the issues with being a pioneer in any field. But Ely Callaway had ll the history to learn from and just exploited customes even further.


How much will they sell the Hogan brand for. Lets pool in some money and buy it out. :laughing: :laughing:

I emailed and received an email back from the technical admin of and he said the site should be back up and running shortly.

I wrote the technical admin of again to ask if they ever plan to bring back the old website.

Here is his response:

“I really appreciate your feedback and I have forwarded it on the staff
members that need to hear it. I also play Hogan irons and fully
understand your position and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I am not part
of the marketing group that decides how the brand exists within our
organization but I am hopeful that your feedback will ‘spark’ some

This seems like one of those cases if a few more people send an email, it might be possible to get the old site back. If you would like to send a message, you can send it to Jeff Nelson (Jeffrey.Nelson at, and I’m sure he’ll forward on your message to the Callaway marketing dept.

Good idea. I will throw him an email too. Everyone else should too!

I just did as well. Thanks for the e-mail addy.


Did my part… :wink:


If you go to the waybackmachine ( ) and search for you can retrieve different versions of the site dating from 2000 and later.