Bending modern fairway woods

I asked about bending fairway woods over at Tom Wishon’s forum. As I’ve bent my irons and flattened out my downswing, I hit pretty much everything well except for the 3-wood. I even hit my modern driver very well. I went more from a stock fade to a stock draw with the driver, but still hitting it well. Oddly, I hit the hybrid still pretty well…although it’s a Mizuno club and Mizuno is usually a bit flatter than other OEM’s. But the 3-wood I just struggle with consistent contact. To me, I think that it’s more important to get the fairway woods flatter than the driver, simply because you are not supposed to make contact with the ground with a driver. So I asked Wishon over at his forum, stating I play with irons that are 5* flat and here’s the responses I got: